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At Core Data Services (CDS), we don't just deliver data, we deliver insights that drive your sports experiences. From live score trackers to play-by-play game trackers, and real-time AI-based odds, we've got the sports world covered. We've even got a statistics database that's a treasure trove of records from past events across 22 sports.

With our real-time data streams, you'll have your finger on the pulse of nearly 200,000 live events - both real and virtual - every month. And with flexible pricing from pay-per-event plans to comprehensive packages, you're in control.

Core Data Services

Hosted Application

We're all about making life easy. Need a website in any language? We've got you. Want it to work seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile? No problem. From content management to multi-currency support and more, we've got all the features you need, right down to in-game scores and unique proposition bets.

Data Research

Take your coverage to the next level with our Prematch Odds product. With its user-friendly API and choice of XML and JSON formats, integration is a breeze.

Data Streams

We cover every sport from Football to Formula 1, Cricket to Cycling, and many more. If it's a sport, chances are, we're streaming data for it.

Gamecast Services

CDS is powered by a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in the software and data streams industry. We're here to make your sports data experience exceptional.

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Questions? Feedback? We're all ears. Reach out to us your way, and you'll find us ready and waiting to help.

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Available Features

  • Over 200,000 real-life and virtual live events per month
  • Content Management System
  • Fastest and most accurate odds in the industry
  • Multi-Currency
  • 99.99% uptime SLA guarantee

Over 200,000 real-life and virtual live events per month

With coverage of more than 22 sports worldwide and an average of over 7000 events daily, you'll have access to the widest selection of games anywhere, complete with live streaming for most events!

Content Management System

For any non-developers in your company, our CMS makes updating content as simple as editing a text document.

User-friendly interfaces and speedy page loads are the cornerstone of all our systems.

Fastest and most accurate odds in the industry

We take pride in providing prematch and live-in-play odds with unmatched speed and accuracy

You can be sure you are providing your users with the best data available.


Converting currency values based on current exchange rates happens instantly on our platform.

Feel confident that your application can support users from anywhere in the globe thanks to our multi-currency feature.

99.99% uptime SLA guarantee

Every second of uptime matters when you have users that are actively placing wagers.

Not only are our servers powerful, but we have redundancy in place that will ensure you never experience downtime for your site because of an unavailable API.

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Our Commitment

We're a global company with a local touch. We're always here for you, with comprehensive API documentation and demo videos to help you get started. And with our top-tier computing infrastructure and software, you can expect nothing less than lightning-fast performance.

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